Hello, I’m April! I’m a Mandarin dual-immersion teacher and a new mom. Through my years of teaching, I’ve recognized the challenges of raising multilingual and multicultural children in an English dominant community. Now that I’m a mother myself, I’ve been thinking how to create a meaningful and purposeful environment for my daughter - not only to cultivate a love for the Mandarin language and Chinese culture, but also to include other languages and cultures as well. 

As a teacher, I’m fully aware that Mandarin language resources designed for the non-native learner are scarce. If there were any, the text level would be too challenging or the content too rudimentary. Hence, for my daughter and for other little budding bilinguals, I was inspired to create language resources meticulously curated for non-native learners based on my teaching experience in the classroom. 

I hope you will find the learning materials and resources fun, engaging, and most importantly meaningful to have a lasting impact on your child's language development!