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Hi! I’m April and I’m a Mandarin dual-language immersion teacher and mother to a soon-to-be two year old. The idea for Seedlingo came to me when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2020. From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to raise a multilingual child for two reasons:

Inclusive Attitudes: I believe that learning multiple languages will help my daughter connect more deeply with others by broadening her mind and opening her heart to diverse people and cultures.
Strong Self-Identity: I hope my daughter grows up feeling connected to our heritage and fearlessly embraces who she is no matter where she goes.

However, these goals soon felt like lofty aspirations once I recognized the reality of raising a multilingual child in a predominantly monolingual society. As a Mandarin dual-language immersion teacher, I was also aware of the limited resources available for families raising multilingual children in the U.S. These challenges inspired me to create practical, fun, and meaningful educational products to support our little budding bilinguals.